Friday, November 25, 2005


Just saw "Walk the Line", which I highly recommend. If the on-stage chemistry between Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix was even closely representative of the real thing between Johnny Cash and June Carter, well hot damn if that wasn't some passion!

Sometimes, after seeing a dramatic, glamorous portrayal like this on the big screen, I feel a twinge of the hum drums when I look at my life (but hey, what is Hollywood for if to give us great contrast). However, that all washes away before the credits are done rolling when I recognize that I have been lucky enough to have the most important thing that movie characters seem to always be questing for - love.

I'll keep this from getting too sappy, but sufifce to say I've got it in my daily life, solid, and strong from S. and family and friends, and I wouldn't trade it for all the passionate drama in the world.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Cornflower Blue

It's getting to be finals anxiety time at the law school, but instead of describing that in gruesome detail, I'm going to write about going dress shopping.

7 of my closest friends have agreed to stand at the alter with me and S during out wedding. They're no maids, but they are an incredible group of women with all sorts of skills and interests and ways they enrich my life. Seeing as they're quite varied in style, I offered them the opportunity to buy their own dresses in some shade of blue. After much emailing, however, it was determined that choosing their own dresses was provoking serious anxiety among them, and so there was a vote in favor of tradition.

Over the past month I've been lucky to go dress shopping with two of my "brideswomen" (as I said, they're no maids). It's a very odd dynamic, choosing clothing for other people; and choosing one dress for seven people of varying coloration, body type and personality no less. I've given up the idea of trying to find anything that anyone will actually wear again and have settled on the goal of trying to find something that everyone can at least feel good and comfortable in for one night.

I had done some web browsing of various styles (ah yes, productive procrastination from work, is there anything better?) and sent some preliminary ideas around that were favorably received. So when A and I bravely headed to the dress shop in Georgetown, we had something in mind. I assumed that the shop would be swanky and snotty (mostly snotty) as all things Georgetown tend to be, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this place was a hole in the wall -- at least we wouldn't be paying for the fancy decor in the price of the dresses.

From floor to ceiling this place is chock full of taffeta, satin, patent leather tuxedo shoes, starched white shirts, black jackets, and hangers everywhere. Since the proprietor was less than gregarious and could hardly tear himself away from AOL, we dove into the dresses ourselves. Putting all of our weight against the gowns allowed us to budge the line of dresses just enough to untangle a hanger and draw out the design we wanted to look at. After we'd expended most of our strength selecting a few dresses, we asked to try them on. "Uh, yes, let me just get a few things out of the dressing room." And off this man shuffled around the corner. After 5 minutes he came back, wearing the same dead-pan expression, "Well, there is just too much stuff back there, so you'll just have to squeeze in around it."

The "dressing room" was a cubby in the back of the shop. Once we huffed and puffed our way through the curtain of satin and sequins (there was no actual curtain, a row of dresses served as the privacy screen), we caught our breath and noted that we'd be sharing the dressing space this afternoon with an odd looking burnt mannequin bust. As we began undressing A kept looking at the ceiling, as did I.

Standing in our underwear, I asked her "You looking for the hidden camera too?" "Yup," she replied, prompting much muffled laughter. We managed to find something great, or at least something that two of the women expressed enthusiasm about wearing, and I'm proud of both myself, D and A for being able to look beyond the sample size's "foam green" color.

Creepy man and crazy shop aside, the dress and the $30, no-taxes discount we got works for me. I know that every bride swears they won't make their bridesmaids wear something awful, and I'm no exception. If you want to see for yourself whether I have or have not lost it (yet), you can view the dress we chose by looking at top style 110 and skirt style 206 in cornflower at:

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Pages of torts, crim, civ pro, contracts read: 0
Bottles of wine consumed: 2
Amount of tension relieved: 99%

A night with good friends, some wine, a running mocking commentary of a cheesy TV show -- what more can you ask for? I'm noticing how important it is to do things that make me forget I'm in law school, and what fun it is to be out on a "school night" now and again.

I'm anticipating more relaxation in the near future. Looking ahead to this weekend is like spying the full-downy beds at the department store and knowing that I can actually take a nap in all of its soft sleepiness. I'm dog sitting for a classmate, looking at bridesmaid gowns with one of the women who will be wearing the dress come August 12th, and other than that, Saturday and Sunday are mine! The alone time is all the sweeter knowing that S. comes back next week and so this apartment will soon be filled again with the best company.

Friday, November 04, 2005


So it's been quiet here, and that's only because I've had my nose to the grindstone, trying to crank out my second memo of the semester four days before it's due so that I can take the weekend O-F-F.

S. is in Hawaii for a month-long rotation, so I've been less balanced than usual - allowing myself to become a law school hermit. But I will be rewarded for my diligence tomorrow morning when I touch down in Houston, Texas to begin celebrating the marriage of one of my dear college friends (I tell you we're dropping like flies). On the three hour plane ride there I hope to:

1. write a letter to my grandfather
2. write a wedding card
3. write a toast to the bride and groom
4. write a note to a friend
5. pay my bills
6. edit a friend's grad school personal statement
7. read some interesting articles that I've been saving up
8. veg-out with the sinful US Weekly
9. catch up on the sleep I've missed this week