Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is it odd that...?

I've had a day. Not a terrible one, but there was a staccato tune of annoying things running from the time I woke up late (and therefore lost my opportunity to go to the gym to strengthen my quads to soothe my knee aggravation), to the email I received from the apartment management company regarding a spat we're having about payments, to my cell phone dying when trying to call S. to talk to him about the email, to trying to get onto our computer at home so that I could use Skype instead, only to find that the Internet was down (just fixed it...a result of rigorous dusting of the modem last night, inadvertently turning the Internet "off" -- heavens!). Is it strange that in an effort to cool my boiling blood I checked my bloglines (that's not the strange part) and was delighted when I saw a new post by authors I most enjoy (still not the strange part) and the thought that went through my head went something like (this is the part that might certify me): "Oh good, I hope it's a birth-story...nothing like a good birth-story to relax and get my mind off of this annoying crap!"? Is it just me who finds the drama of birth-stories completely enthralling? And here I suppose I might as well admit that these stories often reduce me to tears (and perhaps more embarrassing still -- instead of gasping in horror at the graphic portrayal of a baby being born in Knocked Up I sat next to S. with big droplets welling in my eyes). Biological clock, or just plain weird?


Anonymous Kristin said...

Birth stories are my favourite, too. I think it's because birth is life's most dramatic moment and when you're reading a birth story after the fact, you already know the end will be happy.

Thanks for introducing yourself the other day, I look forward to reading you more.

2:38 AM  

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