Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's up with that?

So I'm turning 28 on Friday, and I want to celebrate with friends. Do you know how hard restaurants in DC make that? Admittedly, I'm being sort of picky -- I want a place that makes me feel sparkly -- you know, the kind with lighting that makes everyone glow and lots of wine glass clinking for background music. However, at this point I think I'll just ask for a kegger on my 29th. Each restaurant that S. has called requires a pre-set menu with a per person price that exceeds what each person might pay if ordering off of the normal menu, and it's certainly not something that I'm comfortable asking my friends to shell out when they aren't even able to choose what food they'll be eating. I understand the desire to gouge where possible, but this is turning us away. I guess there are plenty of party-goers out there who can just fork it over, but why make it so difficult for the rest of us midlings to eat, drink, be merry and drop a bunch of money at your restaurant?

Monday, January 28, 2008


There are some big changes on the horizon. Most specifically, graduating from law school (provided I pass everything this semester), moving to a new city, taking the bar and starting a new job. Life, therefore, has been very future-centric. I'm constantly thinking about "when x happens, then..." I'm living in a state of almost there...but not yet, and it's making me restless.

Take right now for example. There are things that I can do to prepare for tomorrow (as in Tuesday January 29) but instead I'm sitting here with paint chip colors dreaming about what hue we might paint some of our walls when we move to the new city. And instead of going to bed, and I know that I good night's sleep would dramatically improve my ability to concentrate on tasks at hand, I'm here at the computer trying to purge some of this excess energy.

I notice that S. and I do a lot of future gazing. I'm trying to figure out if this is a function of who we are, our stage in life as a young childless couple, our age (yikes - 28 on Friday!) or if it's a function of disatisfaction with the present. Much of the time we talk about the future because we are so excited and hopeful about what it holds. But so often that is accompanied by wanting it to hury up and get here. I often give thanks for how simple and easy our life is at the moment, but I could use a little Zen boost to help me mellow out, slow down, and wallow in the now.