Thursday, March 13, 2008

Life of Riley

I'm enjoying the relaxed pace of this last semester of law school gig and trying to make the most of my four day weekends (that means just 3 days of class - a great ratio of work to leisure) and trying my best to be as grateful for this time as possible. However, I'm also learning that the old "give an inch take a yard" adage applies when I'm granted this sort of gracious schedule. Instead of living every day to its fullest potential and exercising the freedom I have right now by going to museums midday, taking in matinees and seeking out new hobbies (or even posting regularly on this blog), I waste inordinate amounts of time completing the little amount of work that I have to do.

I try not to worry about it too much -- part of the luxury of all this free time is (should be?) not having to worry about time because there is plenty of it. But I can't help but fret that I'm not utilizing this time to the fullest -- there are days when I feel that my lack of efficiency during this time is a testament to my true, lazy, unmotivated self. Why is it that when given the choice, I idle instead of seizing the opportunity to "do," only to not really enjoy the idling because I feel I should be doing something more productive with my time? I don't want to squander this rare time of indulgence, but sometimes it seems I just don't know how to enjoy it!

However, this month S. and I are maximizing our rarely coordinated free time by traveling as much as possible. Last week there was an extended spring break during which we went skiing in Utah (man, was it beautiful out there!) and then to visit my parents in Florida. Today we're heading back down south on the annual trip S.'s family takes there with friends. Wee!


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