Thursday, February 14, 2008

We're having Wendy's for Dinner, Conditions are Perfect

The first time I watched this video I laughed out loud (especially about the "business socks"). But I didn't send it to anyone, lest they think that we, still in our twenties and married less than 2 years, have already lost the passion, capitulated, waived the white flag and resigned ourselves to the mundane.

We've never been an especially "romantic" couple. Sure there are the occasional flowers (which I love) and sweet cards for special occassions, surprise visits when one or the other of us thought we were going to have to be alone for the weekend, but we don't do the grand scale, strawberries dipped in chocolate, lingere, whispered sweet nothings type of romance. Sometimes I wonder if this is partly a function of having met at 19 and 20 when our first big date included burgers and a pint, and an evening without roommates was a rarity.

In those few moments when I've wished there were some feather boas, massage oil, or silk in our relationship, I recognize that I would feel terribly uncomfortable with all of that -- it's just not me. Indeed, the only time I've tried real lingere ended in a feminist crisis where I felt like an objectified hooker (granted fire-engine red lace may have been a little ambitious for a beginner). If I were committed to bringing some more of this flavor of romance into our relationship, Valentine's might as well serve as the jump start.

But today, this day of Hallmark greeting cards, heart shaped boxes and dozens of red roses, I realized how lucky I am to have found someone who shares my view of romance...

Me: Hi S., I was just thinking about what we should do to make tonight's dinner a special Valentine's dinner...I might not have time to get to the grocery store...
S: How about Wendy's?

Frosties, fries and pajamas it is. I can't think of a better way to celebrate our love.


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